Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Break? Huh?

Supposedly, this week is fall break. No school all week. All play, no work. Supposedly.

Let's just say I'm in over my head and will spend the week indoors (poo, it's so nice outside... sunny and crisp. perfect fall day <3), writing papers and studying for upcoming exams. Oh, the joy!

Also, still trying to come up with a decent Halloween costume for a party next Saturday. Absolutely uninspired this year. I want something funny or cute, or recognizable... but not slutty, that's just not me. Ideas anyone? Maybe I should consider something spooky... after all, the party is held in a CHURCH, of all places!!

Ah, wish I had more time for my friends this week (like L, S, F, C and C, who I've been neglecting quite a bit lately), but it will have to wait...


  1. Have a relaxing Fall break!!

    A party in a church?? NEAT!!

    Hmm, I'm so bad for costume ideas... I might just wear my kimono this year, no time to get too creative...

    But, a few years ago I just wore a toga and was some kind of roman or greek goddess- so easy, just wrapped myself up in a white bedsheet, and added some leaves in my hair, and wore gladiators.

  2. Thank you... I'm giving myself some time off tonight to watch Castle with my mom and read this month's Elle Québec hehe.

    Yeah, it's going to be AWESOME... but also very crowded. Judging from the FB group, 400 are attending!

    And thanks for the idea, that was my "lazy" idea, but I think it'll be too cold for gladiators :[ A friend suggested Hannah Montana... but I'm not blonde, so I doubt it'd work!