Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Almost over

I was right to be optimistic in my last post. I ended up getting a 96 in my calc exam. Best result EVER in a maths class. Doubt I will repeat this exploit however.

One last exam before my birthday (well, it is *on* my birthday), and the holidays. I should be excited but somehow, I feel extremely apathetic. I'm worried that my lack of interest in anything (even food, if I'm being honest here) might not be related with school, because frankly, I'm not excited about Christmas. At all. And it's my favourite holiday.

Neither do I seem to care about my birthday (although I've always been fussy about birthdays. I hate getting older, and besides, I haven't properly celebrated in a few years because it's always smack dab in the middle of Finals... do your kids a favour, don't have them Mid-December, it sucks.).

Eh. The only thing I look forward to is leaving for another country next year. And my trip to the Sunshine state next summer.

Guess I'm just not myself anymore. Looking at pictures from a few months ago, I'm a completely different person now. As in, my face doesn't even look the same anymore.

I'm not unhappy though. Neither am I depressed. I'm just. I don't know. I feel like I couldn't care less about anything. Even shopping doesn't get me excited (although that, my wallet is thankful for). Yawn. And the insomnia is back. Not sure why though.

So much for a happy post. Let's end on a positive note though. I did something rash and cunning earlier today. It involves a pretty boy that I have never *officially* met, but who is friends with a friend of mine. And he's most definitely not Canadian.... :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Found right next to my apartment building, as I was getting in earlier today. Probably a sign from above that I need to stop torturing myself, right?

Or maybe it just means I'll go to NYC soon !

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Overbooked & overworked

No but seriously, what is it with November 3 & 4 ? I have been invited to / have to go to about 15 different activities that are held on these two days. Why on earth would everyone pick THOSE exact dates? Seriously? A Tuesday & a Wednesday???

I'm kind of starting to panic. Leafing through my planner, with the exams coming up... Well let's just say it's not looking good. I should learn to say no. I already have four classes, and out of these, 2 of my teachers are effing INSANE giving us this incredible workload (and I'm used to writing papers and studying for exams... never have I ever had so much work....). I'm barely keeping up.

Plus driving classes. That's like an extra 2 hours a week. Plus 4-hour practices a week for a special academic/sports/social event coming up this winter (which I can't really discuss right now). Plus involvment in financing said event. Plus dance class and cardio workout (2 hours a week). Plus board meetings (3h every 2 weeks). Also, I'm playing godmother to 2 foreign students. And let's not forget the shitload of homework my teachers take pleasure in giving us.

And now? On top of all that? Mentorship. Because OBVIOUSLY I didn't have enough on my plate as it is! I mean, I'm really excited about that program, but it's just BAD timing. Shit.

I'm trying to do everything at once and I'm sort of realizing that you can't be good at everything. There isn't always enough time to do it all. In life, you have to choose.

And I suck at making choices.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm so sick of sneezing and having to blow my nose every 30 seconds!!!

Let it snow!

It's snowing again :) or should I say, it hasn't stopped since this morning!

Everything is white outside, it's lovely ♥

I'd love to go out and build a snowman, but with this nasty cold I caught, it'd be ill-advised. Thankfully it isn't the swine flu!

I find it so weird that this is the 3rd "storm" we get before Halloween. Must be global warming. Ironic as it sounds, it's probably true. Global warming = more snow & more rain for us poor Quebecers! But hey, maybe we'll beat Forks as the rainiest place on earth and attract bloodsuckers on our land....

JUST KIDDING! I've just been subjected to a bunch of Twilight stans this week and it seems to have addled my brains :/

Ok, back to algebra :(

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Break? Huh?

Supposedly, this week is fall break. No school all week. All play, no work. Supposedly.

Let's just say I'm in over my head and will spend the week indoors (poo, it's so nice outside... sunny and crisp. perfect fall day <3), writing papers and studying for upcoming exams. Oh, the joy!

Also, still trying to come up with a decent Halloween costume for a party next Saturday. Absolutely uninspired this year. I want something funny or cute, or recognizable... but not slutty, that's just not me. Ideas anyone? Maybe I should consider something spooky... after all, the party is held in a CHURCH, of all places!!

Ah, wish I had more time for my friends this week (like L, S, F, C and C, who I've been neglecting quite a bit lately), but it will have to wait...